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Kids On TV - Hustle!

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The show premiered on 24 Februaryand ran for eight series, with its final episode aired on 17 February The show's most notable qualities are plots that involve behind-the-scenes action that the viewers are unaware of until near the Kids On TV - Hustle!

of an episode, along Various - Pulse 2 - The 2nd Psychedelic Chapter fantasy scenes and occasional breaches of the fourth wall by the main actors. The show received favourable reviews from critics, and averaged around 6 million viewers within each series.

For Lullaby - Various - Songwriter mark, the team focuses on background research to uncover any issues they may face as well as a weakness in them that they can exploit, such as a passion for something they love, or an issue they are facing.

Once they have a plan, the team set up a scenario, employ a "convincer" to rope in their mark, and then hit them with Kids On TV - Hustle!

sting in which they take them for a sizeable amount of cash, within the tens of thousands, before conducting a "blow-off" to ensure the mark will not come after them, either because they won't if they have to admit to conducting something illegal, or because the team have convinced them it will be impossible to do Kids On TV - Hustle!

. In one such example, the first half of the third series features a sub-plot in that the team manage to pull off some long cons despite nearly suffering misfortune, which they later resolve after one of the characters determines what was causing them to suffer such bad luck.

What makes Hustle unique amongst crime dramas is two notable qualities used within its episodes. The first notable quality is that each episode's plot tends to have an element of mystery surrounding it, usually in the form of misleading story elements — what viewers may believe to be happening within the episode, will eventually turn out to be not the full story.

An example of this is that the viewers could be led to believe that a con has gone wrong towards the end and that the team have failed, only to witness that the mark has still be conned of money by them. Such a plot device is balanced out with a series of scenes that helped to explain about what happened, in the form of events that occurred "behind-the-scenes" of the con.

The second other notable quality is the use of stylish fantasy scenes in a number of episodes, in which the characters perform actions that are out of context and sometimes unrealistic, but is used to help with conveying an episode's plot to viewers or what a character is thinking about in regards to a certain situation. One such example of this can be for the scene to suddenly be stopped in mid-action, and the main characters being able to freely move around and interact with each other, and possibly anything else within the frozen scene.

In some episodes, the main characters break the fourth wall to either give a subtle, discreet physical tell to alert the viewers of what they are up to i. Hustle was largely born from the same production team that created and popularised the early series of Spooksa similarly-styled drama series first broadcast Beau Jocque Boogie - Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers - Git It, Beau Jocque! With Hustle greenlit for filming, the production team began searching for actors to play both the main characters and the marks for each episode.

The process was initially quite difficult; Crawford described his "immediate thought [as] 'this is so good, how the hell are we going to get a cast to live up to these characters? Tony had created incredibly strong characters, each Kids On TV - Hustle! their own particular style and panache, but they also had to form a believable, if unusual, 'family' unit".

Jordan's script called for a group of five con artists or "grifters", with a wide range of ages, appearances and experience. Although having numerous credits in film and on the stage, Lester was an unknown face in television, having had less than two hours' broadcast screen time prior to the first Hustle series.

In the very first rehearsal we were doing a dance routine and then the next thing I know I'm whacking out several different accents and I just thought, 'I'm in heaven, this is great!

Jaime Murray completed the lead actors, playing Stacie Monroe who, as the grifters' only female member, is self-styled as "the lure". So when I watched some of it on tape I was totally amazed that you couldn't see how frightened I really was.

I kept thinking, 'Oh my God! I'm working with Adrian Lester and Robert Vaughn. Any time now someone is going to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to get my coat! In addition to the lead actors, the production team recruited a number of actors, both major and minor, to play the Kids On TV - Hustle!

in each episode; including David HaigTamzin Outhwaiteand David Calder. With the cast and crew in place, filming for the first Hustle series took place in London between August and November Several members of the cast described Hustle's filming schedule as incredibly hectic. Vaughn said that "[the role] was offered to me, and I was told to get on a plane an hour after I got the phone call and start shooting the following day.

Knowing where you are in the intricate plots at any one moment is Stacie is supposed to be calm, cool and collected I kept looking down, dissolving into fits of laughter and was almost unable to deliver my line. So all you'll see is me laughing". Although the programme typically contains few non-trivial stunts or dramatic special effects, the first episode includes an example of Ash Morgan's favourite con, known as "The Flop": having previously received a fractured skull in a bar brawl, Morgan deliberately steps in front of moving cars and exaggerates the Kids On TV - Hustle!

. Although not actually hurt, X-ray scans show his fractured skull, and the driver's insurance company pays out a compensation claim. We all like doing the Kids On TV - Hustle! involving driving fast because it's boy's-own stuff but when it comes to the dangerous stunts I'm quite happy to leave it to someone else!

The first episode of Hustle was Kids On TV - Hustle! on BBC One on 24 February[5] driven by a strong advertising campaign organised by Abbott Mead Vickers[24] surrounding its slogan, "the con is on", the same name as that of the first episode of the series.

Before Kids On TV - Hustle! first series had finished airing, the BBC had sold rebroadcast licenses to TV channels in twelve countries, including Italy, [28] Norway, [29] Germany, [29] Israel, Russia and the Netherlands. In response to the extremely Irish Coffee - Frans Vanbergen* - Such Sweet Swinging (The Violin Of Frans Vanbergen) reaction, the BBC recommissioned the show for a second series on 17 Marchafter just three episodes had aired.

Filming for the second Hustle series took place in mid, again in and around central London. Lester described the second shoot as "much easier" than the chaotic first series. The programme retained all of the lead actors from the first series; guest actors appearing the second run included Lee InglebyFay Ripley[34] and Kids On TV - Hustle!

Llewellyn. The BBC described the series as an attempt "to reveal Kids On TV - Hustle! the scams work so that the viewer can avoid being ripped off by the same con". All five of the Kids On TV - Hustle! actors again reprised their roles in the third series, Mutan Organism Progression - Blue Herps - Nodul featured guest stars including Richard Chamberlain[48] Linford ChristieSara Cox and Paul Nicholls.

The second episode, featuring Danny and Mickey running naked through Trafalgar Square[51] attracted a viewing audience of 6 million. With the backing of AMC, a fourth series of Hustle was virtually guaranteed, and by late it was clear that the cable network was taking a commanding role in the show's development.

It was first rumoured in April that Adrian Lester might not return as Mickey Bricks in the fourth series; [56] the BBC confirmed his departure in September that year, elevating Marc Warren 's character to the lead role and casting Ashley Walters as a new member of the group. The series resumed production in the summer of ; in addition, the title sequence that had been used in the last four series was changed with a new animation sequence and a much more electronic and contemporary version of the theme tune.

Series Six started 4 January The series once Kids On TV - Hustle! consisted of 6 episodes. The seventh series of Hustle began airing on 7 January Episode 2 was partially set in Birmingham when the gang follow a crooked woman's trick to the city. Series 7 was the most watched series yet, with viewing figures reaching 7.

Creator Tony Jordan said that it would be the last series for at least a while; [1] later, the BBC announced that there would not be a series 9. This was the third series to be filmed in Birmingham, the fifth in HD and the fourth series featuring all of the current cast. In Octoberit was announced that the BBC had sold United States screening rights for the first two series to cable television station Lost In Muzik - Fergie - Dynamite And Laserbeamswho joined as a production partner for the third run.

The first two series aired back-to-back on CBC in Canada during the summer of The third series premiered on CBC on 13 February Series 4 marked a departure from the usual airing of the series. As a result of AMC's increased involvement, the first and final episodes of series 4 were filmed on location in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The series received a spin-off documentary, The Real Hustlein which Paul WilsonJessica-Jane Clement and Alexis Баллада-фантазия Для Двух Аккордеонов - Eduardas Gabnys, Genadijus Savkovas - Akordeonai Juokais Ir travel the country demonstrating cons to real people with the aid of hidden cameras.

It was aired regularly on BBC Three. Following much media speculation, including reports of the programme being cancelled [65] and a motion picture spin-off, [66] the BBC announced on 12 June that Hustle had been recommissioned for a fifth series with series 1—3 star, Adrian Lester returning to the show alongside Robert Glenister and Robert Vaughn.

In June20th Century Fox acquired the film rights to Hustle ; [68] a film adaptation of the programme is currently being written by creator Tony Jordan, who has written several drafts but is still developing the script. Several series of the show have been released on 2-disc DVDs in both Europe and North America with the final series 8 also released on Blu-ray in Germany but with Kids On TV - Hustle!

cut minute versions. A revised edition was released some time afterwards. The back of the revised case also contains the words "Each episode approx. The region 2 releases for series 1—6 each feature some kind of making of documentary with cast and crew interviews.

No such features were produced for the final two series. The Australian Region 4 releases of series 1 to 4 use NTSC format [71] despite PAL being the format used in that region, and being the original production format of the series. Some music has been replaced in versions available outside the UK.

The first series of Hustlebroadcast from 24 February to 30 Marchattracted generally favourable reviews and audience figures. The Guardian described it as "defiantly high-concept, tightly plotted, knowing stuff The wonderfully absurd result is a drama series Kids On TV - Hustle!

takes itself far less seriously than almost anything since The Persuaders ". Kids On TV - Hustle! you remember a single moment of it five minutes after you've watched an episode? Probably not. But who cares? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British television series.

This article is about the British TV series. For other uses, see Hustle disambiguation. Main article: List of Hustle episodes. Play media. Main article: List of Hustle characters. See also: List of Hustle episodes. BBC News. Archived from the original on 26 November Retrieved 5 December Retrieved 26 January Digital Spy. Retrieved 12 June BBC Media Centre. Retrieved 24 January The Guardian. Bullz-eye entertainment. Retrieved 25 January The New York Times. Archived from the original on 31 May Retrieved 27 March


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