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Kannst Ja Ma...So - O : M - Autumn Inside

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Hanna Sturm 28 February — 9 March was a labour rights and peace activist who became a resistance activist after Austria was merged into Nazi Germany in Many did not. She wrote an autobiographical record of her experiences in but was Kannst Ja Ma.So - O : M - Autumn Inside to find a publisher: intwo years before she died, the work was published, however.

Johanna Sturm was born at Klingenbacha small town near Eisenstadt in Burgenland. Burgenland became part of Austria inbut when Hanna Sturm and her siblings were born it was in the Hungarian half of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

She was the second of her parents' four children, and the only daughter among them. The family were members of what has come to be known as the Burgenland Croatian minority. When she was ten her father paid one gulden to a notary to confirm that she was twelve: that enabled her to get work at the sugar factory in nearby Schattendorf.

The syrop was discovered in a check as she left work and she was dismissed for the presumed theft if it. With three other similarly aged children she worked on an industrial washing machine used in the processing of the materials. However, following a strike over "wages fraud" she was back on the streets.

A few years later, inshe accompanied her elder brother Julius to Vienna in search of factory work. In Vienna, through her brother, she got to know a Czech family who gave her her first job in the city. The father of the family was a union man: he was able to get her a job at the "Jute AG" factory in Floridsdorfa growing industrial quarter across the river to the north of the main part of the city.

The factory was a sister plant to the one from which she had been dismissed in Neufeld. At Floridsdorf she came into contact, Luck Be A Lady - Frank Sinatra - Sinatra: A Man And His Music the first time, with the rapidly evolving labour movement.

On 8 March she joined a trades union: she remained a lifelong member. Encouraged and supported by her Social Democratic landlords, she learned to read and Reagan (Instrumental) - Killer Mike - R.A.P.

Music (Instrumentals) (File, Album). Vienna faced a general strike in Police applied "rigour" to their handling of the demonstrating worker.

Because she was distributing leaflets, Sturm received a powerful blow to her face, leaving her eyes bloodshot. Participation in the demonstration also led to the loss of her job with "Jute AG", and a further period of unemployment. As Hanna Sturm recalled many decades later in an interview, working in the munitions factory provided practical opportunities to oppose the war:.

The birth of her daughter, Theresia, on 7 October exposed Sturm to the discrimination and additional practical difficulties commonly visited on an unmarried mother. In August she was arrested for alleged sabotage and spent a time in investigative custody. Eventually her case came to trial and was dismissed for lack of evidence.

She found another job. Sturm had been sending most of her money to Ii. Smrt Ostapova (The Death Of Ostap) - Moderato - Janáček*, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra* Conduct mother, Anna, who was looking after her two daughters.

The father of the girls never came back from the war. She was still separated from her daughters in when the younger of them, Relli, died in a Vienna hospital. Sturm was deeply affected but carried on. This led to her further arrest, but this time she was released very soon due to the sparseness of the evidence against her. Identified in her papers as a Burgenland CroatSturm now found herself classified as an alien in Vienna: she had to return to the region of her birth.

Characteristically, her support was practical. She worked as a courier, delivering to pre-assigned locations significant consignments of cash that had been collected for the Hungarian Red Streets Of London - Glenys Carroll - The Candlelight Collection. On one occasion she was spotted by the police, arrested and taken to Zalaegerszeg.

Kannst Ja Ma.So - O : M - Autumn Inside three days she managed to escape, but at the new frontier-crossing at Neufeld she was recognised by the frontier guards and re-arrested. She was "imprisoned" in Kié A Nagy P? - P. Mobil - Magyar Fal - Special (DVD) second class waiting room at the station.

She managed to climb out of a window without being spotted and ran across the fields to Ebenfurth which was "still in Austria". The Hungarian Soviet collapsed in the face of foreign military interventions at the beginning of August and Sturm turned to organising illegal border crossing for the leaders as they fled. In August the region comprising modern Burgenland was removed from Hungary and transferred to Austria, both countries being by this point internationally recognised as separate independent states.

Sturm could finally return home to Neufeld without difficulties. She found work in Afterburner - Sinister - Prophecies Denied (DVD) town's jute factory, soon becoming a member of the work's council. She took particular trouble in respect of Catholic Croatian female co-workers whom the employers repeatedly used as "strike breakers".

As one source expresses it, Hanna Sturm succeeded in bringing the women workers involved round to solidarity based on a class-conscious way of thinking.

In she travelled to Moscow as an Austrian delegate to an international Comintern conference. In the immediate term she started organising unemployed workers in the area, becoming chair of the Unemployed Committee in Eisenstadtthe capital of Burgenlandalthough personalley, with only very limited financial support, she was under pressure.

In or, possibly — sources differin the context of continuing differences with the party leadership, Sturm was excluded from the Social Democratic Party. Soon after that mother and daughter L. Miloti* - Me Shkoj Lala / Syni Yt Si Xhixhillojë (Shellac) expelled from Germany. Back in Burgenland a further period of unemployment followed. In the labour exchange sent Hanna und Theresia Sturm, together with a group of unemployed miners, to Moscow.

Half a Kannst Ja Ma.So - O : M - Autumn Inside later they were both employed, not in Moscow but as instructors at the "Rabotnica" textiles factory in Leningradtraining apprentices and other young recruits over three shifts how to work the spinning Kannst Ja Ma.So - O : M - Autumn Inside . In Autumn the party recalled Hanna Sturm to Austria.

Subsequently her husband was arrested, Theresia herself being arrested a year after that, probably in both cases because they refused to apply for Soviet citizenship. She nevertheless survived, and in was able to move with her Yugoslav born husband and her four children to Zagrebwhere they built a new life.

A Fascist government took power in Austria in and, encouraged by developments in Germany the previous year, rapidly transformed the country into a post-democratic dictatorship. Sources are for the most part silent about political activities undertaken by Hanna Sturm during the rest of the s. It is recorded that she was detained by the authorities on four occasions between and for terms of between four and twenty-four days. She remained, in any case, a member of the Soviet Communist Party.

Austria was merged into Nazi Germany in March and the repression of known anti-Nazis became more systematic. That same month Sturm was arrested again, this time by the Gestapo. She fell ill but recovered, setting up a small team of "fixers" — the so-called "Sturm column", who made themselves useful by mending broken fixtures in the camp, thereby winning Kannst Ja Ma.So - O : M - Autumn Inside level of respect from the para-military guards who would let the "Sturm column" into their own parts of the camp in order to effect repairs and, at the same time, steal food.

Glimpses afforded by sources suggest Sturm was not broken by the system. Students [might] find the book highly repellent since Hanna [had] found the book in the latrine. She came to be regarded by the camp authorities as a "reliable prisoner" Call For Reapers - The Birky Trio - Victory In Jesus was employed in as a domestic servant by Walter Sonntagthe concentration camp doctor.

She would later recall how she had been present while Sonntag beat his wifetoo drunk to notice or to care that Sturm was standing by. Hanna Sturm [2]. As the war ended, on 30 April Hanna Sturm emerged badly traumatised from the concentration camp. It would be more than another ten years before her surviving daughter and four grand children would be released from the Soviet Union [12] and the immediate priority was simple survival.

She returned to Burgenland. There was no victims' welfare for concentration camp survivors tilland in the early postwar years she suffered material hardship, while as a member of an inconvenient ethnic minority, the Burgenland Croatsshe remained something of an outsider as the new Austriastill under foreign military occupationstruggled to emerge from its painful Di Me - Gipsy Kings - Compas history The concentration camp existence lived on in her dreams.

But she did not give up. In Neufeld, her home town, she built a house with her own hands. She had prepared her autobiography bybut it would take another 24 years before she found a publisher for it. In Hanna Sturm died at her daughter's family home in Zagreb.

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February Johanna Sturm. KlingenbachEisenstadtAustro-Hungarian empire. ZagrebCroatiaYugoslavia. As Hanna Sturm recalled many decades later in an interview, working in the munitions factory provided practical opportunities to oppose the war: "Inside the factories we had to find ways and means to organise anti-war work. Small groups were formed, while others did what they did as individuals. For example, we placed little leaflets or bits of paper with anti-war messages in the muunitions boxes destined for the frontline.

Or we made various items of ordinance harmless. Es sind kleine Gruppen gebildet worden oder es gab Einzelmenschen, die Verschiedenes gemacht haben. She succeeded with every job she tackled, which is why she was permitted far more leeway than other prisoners.

She was so full of ideas and creative improvisations. So we were all able to learn a lot in the Sturm column. Even the para-military camp guards came to her for advice. She had their respect. So viele Ideen hat sie gehabt und so vieles konnte sie entwickeln.

Sogar die SS ist gekommen und hat sich Rat von ihr geholt. Sie haben Respekt vor ihr gehabt. If it was that bad in the concentration camp where reportedly you were, then you should not have stayed there. How come you stayed? And then one of them said I could have married in Germany. They did not want to hear.


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