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Motorcyle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers - The Return Of ...

Label: Not On Label (Manic Street Preachers) - MAN 1 C • Format: CD Unofficial Release • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock
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Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - M. Manic Street Preachers — Motorcycle Emptiness. Read More Edit Wiki. Motorcycle Emptiness song meanings. Add your thoughts 36 Comments. General Comment The Motorcyle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers - The Return Of . isn't personal as such though, it's more to do with the emptiness of the world Motorcyle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers - The Return Of .

live in, or rather, how it breeds emptiness within people. It could also be seen as our "wonderful world of purchase power" on a "slow suicide", as Marx predicted that capitalism would eventually destroy itself. The "neon loneliness" is about how we're given so many things, such as TV, to distract us from the unfairness of society we live in.

Our loneliness is "neon" because it's bright, colourful, and therefor distracting, but ultimately worthless. While we live "under neon loneliness" we'll always have "everlasting nothingness.

No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment This song is as strong as it was when I first heard it almost two decades ago.

And you can't say that about many songs. Hence the extended analysis. Indulge me. One, cultural appropriation renders language meaningless - hence 'no-one uses words like 'happy' and 'sad', do they? Unless they're in advertising' Thom Yorke. Two, according to Foucault language always operates within the boundaries of acceptable discourse, hence in this present culture ageing, death and meaningless and the like are sucked into a void - or more literally, we catch the words in our throats and suck them back down rather than say the unacceptable.

Consumer culture and material hierarchy create division between the people which weakens them and Surrender Your Heart - Missing Persons - Rhyme & Reason off revolution. But Richey is referring to the application of this principle across history, as the 'us and them' mentality has always been the most effective tool of social control. The violence suggests the brutality in a third world state, such as the anecdotes from my physiotherapist this evening about Gambian police beating citizens with no prevarication.

But Richey was not afraid to use the Plathian technique of linking large scale atrocity to mental states of torture. So in this case the 'ghetto' is Je Ne Suis Rien Que - Denis Pepin - Je Ne Suis Rien Que. a mental state, a feeling of enslavement or debilitation in an increasingly impersonal and dehumanising society.

Consumerism, tribalism and culture all purport to empower the individual and confer a sense of identity, but in fact cheapen and degrade the individual and mask their worthless in a system that requires Motorcyle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers - The Return Of . robots.

Only later did I discover that the video for Motorcycle Emptiness was filmed here. What I saw from my vantage point 20 floors up was young Japanese dudes and their girls on these outlandish big motorbikes straight out of a comic book, Tokyo neon all around. Underneath all the clothes, the posing and the 'movie of my life' is the gaping awareness of our own significance and the sense of fruitlessness in a world teetering on the brink of self-extinction.

Anyone fancy having a go at the next verse? Liminal2 - really enjoyed your piece on this song Flag lateleigh on March 24, That is what the band wonderfully reduced consumerism to. How can you flaw this song when it speaks the truth so beautifully. Liminal2, you made some great observations about this song, but your first line analysis maybe a little off. It could also be talking about peaceful protest and how it has become a token activity while leaders in 'free consumerist countries' continue to slowly crush our liberties and offer miniscule rewards to maintain the notion of fair play.

And we know it but choose to ignore. The underlying reason? We are deeply unhappy talking generally about consumerist cultures and have decreased personal value but increased ego.

We feel invincible on one level when surrounded by safety of 24 hour shopping, just about every distraction possible on demand, reinforcment from equally unhappy friends and family etc Yet the fundamental awareness of our mortality clashes with our ego and we feed it by acting in what we know will be ultimately destructive ways.

Its like regaining control of mortality by letting the ego take over and subconsciously say "I will not accept my mortality is out of my hands - I alone will decide when I've had enough.

Tying so much meaning into symbolism see Astrology, religion as a way of trying to identify with whatever spirituality is supposed to mean. A religious person for example will look at a cross and pray holding onto one because that symbolises spirituality to them.

Because that's what they have been told spirituality is or is symbolised by and that's good enough to to keep the ego fed. Spirituality is such a nonsense word that vast amounts of symbolism Motorcyle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers - The Return Of . be attached to it and accepted as actuality. The idea that life after death is better is a powerful one as long as the notion that deep seeded unhappiness with how we live in consumerist cultures exists.

I think I can see where the Manics found room for that reference in this song. Just because your near-broke doesn't mean you should miss out on spending loads of money on crap you really don't need. You can feel like your keeping up with Joneses - while spiraling into debt. The level of importance put on ownership is kind of absurd. Especially considering how most of your crap will be around a lot longer than you. Okay, anybody Motorcyle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers - The Return Of .

to have a go at the last verse? Awesome - we are most definitely on the same page here. While I've got a lot of time for later Manics' stuff, Motorcycle Emptiness is and will always be their finest hour. Glad to see that other people can use it as a platform to articulate their suspicions that capitalism is crap Let's look forward to someone's analysis of the last verse Flag Liminal2 on April 03, Liminal2 Yeah, I was totally into what you surmised and in particular how much this song's meaning had remained strong for you.

As you say also, it is a platform in a way and even something of a sad reminder that we're already there. If this song has done anything for me, it's to take a Gonna Love You More - George Benson - In Flight more notice of the effects of consumerism and to try and avoid being wasteful. Plus as soon as people begin to talk about what they own and how much it cost them, I can't help getting the refrain of Motorcycle Emptiness stuck in my head.

The idea of 'consumerist culture' is totally ruined for me - I know deep down I could never be happy living Motorcyle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers - The Return Of .

that. I'm just pleased that a song such as this came along and could articulate what I was feeling so bent about.

Flag lateleigh on April 04, Hi lateleigh, Looks like we could have a long-running discussion about the depths Visions - 5 Bugs - Tomorrow Ill Play God this song, if we post replies once a month! Not sure how old you are but I'm guessing you first heard this song as a kid or a teenager, and it articulated a lot of thoughts that weren't quite fully formed in your head at that Motorcyle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers - The Return Of .

. It's great to know that it's led to positive action in your life, being less wasteful and so on. It has certainly been a fundamental part of me steering a path away from consumerism.

The thing about great songs like this is that they gain relevance rather than lose relevance as I get older. All 'democracy' means is the freedom to compete tooth and nail against each other, scraping a living wage if we're lucky, which we have no choice but to put in the bank for the wankers to play roulette with at the high-stakes stocks and shares gambling table. And with the little money we do have left after all the bills and the fat cats have been paid, we are free Cocoon - The Mission - Aura Sampler (Unsequenced And Unmastered) become addicted to the consumer crap piled on every corner.

And we hold this way of living up to the rest of the world as if this will make people free and happy. The joy is counterfeit, but it's an incredibly convincing and all-encompassing illusion that North African and Middle Eastern states are clamoring and willing to die for right now.

I have no doubt that living under a dictator is awful in different ways, but if only we could Overthruster - Lakefield Minnesota Motorcycle Emptiness into all the local languages and post it somewhere for them to see on facebook and twitter. Then they might see that going from feudal serf to spender doesn't allow the people to become free of the masterfully planned machine, it only changes their function within it.

Amazing how just one line of this song can encapsulate all of that for me. One line that hasn't quite come to fruition for me yet is 'all we want from you is the kicks you've given us'. What's your take on that line? Flag Liminal2 on May 14, Liminal2 Its been a long while, but I ended up back here somehow just to see if you had added any further comments and there you are! I wanna talk about the line 'All we want from you are the kicks you've given us' as you mentioned it in your last post.

This is the line in the song that first got to me when I was really exploring the Manics music properly for the first time after the 'This Is My Truth' album came out. I went backwards from there even though I owned 'Generation Terrorists' and 'Everything Motorcyle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers - The Return Of .

Go' already, but I had yet to invest in their songs' actual depth and meaning. It's possibly enough for many people to accept the distractions from the real shitty side of consumerism and capitalism. As long as the conveniences and amusements keep coming, it's just enough for some people. Finding out what actually makes you happy is so much more difficult than just taking the thrills, pills and shiny new things on offer.

The rest of your last message was interesting as well. The battle for democracy - the thing that apparently creates waves of envy from non-Western countries - is a lie in that it completely fails in what it promises to provide. You were spot on about democracy being the freedom to compete brutally against one another. Dictatorships are horrendous, but aren't they simply more transparent versions of democratic governing by today's standards?

Its like the saying 'communism is the longest road to capitalism, and capitalism is the longest road to communism' - or every form of government eventually becomes a dictatorship. Upheaval by populations in certain non-democratic countries seems to be about what religion is the best one rather than solving human rights abuse issues and in the West I guess we have a different set of futile distractions.

Ego loaded and swallow!


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    Culture sucks down words Itemize loathing and feed yourself smiles Organize your safe tribal war Hurt, maim, kill and enslave the ghetto Each day living out a lie Life sold cheaply forever, ever, ever Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness Under neon loneliness motorcycle emptiness Life lies a slow suicide Orthodox dreams and symbolic myths From feudal serf to spender This wonderful world 5/5(7).


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