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The Cygnet Ring - Love Crime


Download The Cygnet Ring - Love Crime

The Cygnet Ring will forever be linked with a special part of my life. And in a way it seems fitting to me that they became lost in the system and their album was shelved by East West never to see the light of day. Fitting to me, just annoying to everyone else who knew this vastly underrated band. Bet they were fun live! Before they were called The Cygnet Ring they were called Playing At Trains and released a few singles that way and demoed an album - but I don't think they released the album.

Occasionally stuff is unearthed and uploaded to the web - but you'll be lucky to find it. They The Cygnet Ring - Love Crime a "Manchester" band, but I'm not sure where exactly they were from. They certainly have that 'dance' sound beloved of the city on some tracks. I once had the album it was never released but I found a promo cassette of it in a shop.

Then i leant it to my then girlfriend I didn't make a copy of it and have never found another. Absolute favourite Cygnet Ring songs. If you want any more Cygnet Ring information - go to this site. It is probably the only Cygnet Ring site on the net. But it is absolutely devoted to the band and has more info than you could ever imagine about a very obscure band:. The Cygnet Ring fansite. Updated versions Please Say You Wont Stay - Minds Under Cover - The Great Egress 'Love Crime' and '18 Daze.

I prefer these acoustic versions. The 12" has a 12" Remix of 'Love Crime' on it - an extended mix as was the fashion of the times. The Kleine Göttermusik: Göttertisch - Martin Mallaun - Omonéro : Neue Musik Für Zither version just features the normal version.

The 12" has the "Full Version" on it - an extended mix not available on the CD version. Lost Songs. Great bargains from amazon sellers without risk - pay via amazon. The Cygnet Ring. What did they sound like? Think of The Cure at their poppiest, James around the time of Laid that acoustic based pop soundthink adult pop songs that you can actually dance to.

There is a danceable groove to many of their songs. They would probably of been superstars if they'd done this in the mid 80s. There is also a good The Cygnet Ring - Love Crime of "Eastern" influences to their sound.

No doubt brought about by a trip to India and a meeting with a certain Nehal?


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